• Question: What would Happen if the sun and the moon collided?

    Asked by username1 to Colm, Eoin, Joseph, Lauren, Stephen on 11 Nov 2013.
    • Photo: Joseph Roche

      Joseph Roche answered on 11 Nov 2013:

      The sun would win.

      The moon would be completely obliterated by the extreme heat, and the sun would not even notice.

    • Photo: Eoin O Colgain

      Eoin O Colgain answered on 11 Nov 2013:

      They will collide, fortunately we won´t be around to see it. Joseph has got it spot on.

    • Photo: colm bracken

      colm bracken answered on 11 Nov 2013:

      Rather than collide, I would call it ‘the Sun eating the Earth for breakfast’. When the Sun grows into a red giant in about 5 billion years it might be large enough to eat up the Earth and the moon. Mercury and Venus will certainly not escape as they are closest!

    • Photo: Stephen Scully

      Stephen Scully answered on 15 Nov 2013:

      The Sun is so much bigger than the Moon that I think the Sun would hardly even notice. It would be like a tank and a fly colliding.

    • Photo: Lauren Mc Keown

      Lauren Mc Keown answered on 18 Nov 2013:

      The sun would eat the moon up and the Earth would be very lonely 🙁