Asked by jbag12345678 to Lauren, Joseph, Eoin, Colm on 20 Nov 2013.
    • Photo: Eoin O Colgain

      Eoin O Colgain answered on 20 Nov 2013:

      Of course.

      Zlatan scoring 2 goals in 4 minutes last night and Ronaldo responding with 2 in 2 minutes. Pretty miraculous stuff.

    • Photo: Joseph Roche

      Joseph Roche answered on 20 Nov 2013:

      I believe that truly absurd, almost unfathomable events can take place. But when they do happen I don’t think we need to say they are an act of god or some other divine power. I just think we are not always smart enough to explain everything so occasionally we will be surprised. And that’s one of the nice things about being human 🙂

    • Photo: Lauren Mc Keown

      Lauren Mc Keown answered on 20 Nov 2013:

      Yes definitely, depends on your outlook. when you study things in outer space like I do, you begin to realise how very lucky we are to live on a planet that sustains life. We are one of billions of planets that so far have not been found to support life so I guess we could consider every little daily thing we get to do a miracle! I consider a miracle to be anything that occurs despite the odds so when you sit back and think that we are all here with our advanced technology, we’re all part of one big miracle!